This morning some images appeared on the net proving the existence of the alleged Silent Hill 2 remake developed by Bloober Team. The screenshots, which you can see below, were circulated on Twitter by a leaker known as Andrew Marmo and show some moments of gameplay.

According to what was reported by Dusk Golem, a leaker who has released some screenshots in recent months of an alleged build from a new project associated with the series, the images would be real, but not representative of the final product. In fact, it appears that these images are from a demo created by Bloober Team to show Konami the original idea for the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Unfortunately, it is currently difficult to review the published material in detail, as the images posted are these in low resolutionbut if the rumors were confirmed, that would mean that a revelation by Konami and Bloober Team could be real coming days.

In recent weeks, Konami has confirmed that it will return to the Game Show in Tokyo to reveal the return of a beloved IP. It’s hard to imagine it’s Silent Hill, though: an announcement of such weight could find room in more important appointments. It is now known that the Japanese event no longer has the media interest it once was and therefore may not be the most appropriate showcase to reveal the expected return of the famous horror franchise. In any case, keep in mind that we’re in the realm of speculation, so take it all with a grain of salt.

  • The first images of Bloober’s Silent Hill 2 Remake have been leaked (Timed PS Exclusive, New Endings and more confirmed via VGC) (

Source: Lega Nerd

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