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The lightest VR viewing device, the Pico 4 has everything that the Quest 2 can match and goes on sale in Spain.


Virtual reality glasses Pico 4 will go on sale in Spain next October 18with prices from €429. Real competition goal quest 2which he excels in some things.

The Chinese company PicoXR has been manufacturing virtual and augmented reality glasses for many years. A few months ago, it was bought by ByteDance, the media giant that also owns TikTok.

The new Pico 4 viewfinder uses innovative pancake glasses, which focus more accurately than classic fresnel. This allows you to create smaller and lighter scopes. Peak 4 It weighs just 586 grams, although half of the weight comes from the battery.

Peak 4 These are self-contained virtual reality glasses that do not need to be connected to a computer, mobile phone or console. Come on like Meta Quest 2.

install two 2.56″ LCD screenswith permission 2160 x 2160 per eyeand update frequency 72 and 90 Hz.

sentence field of view (FOV) 105 degreesand allow you to customize IPD (interpupillary distance) is hardware, that is, literally moving the lenses closer or further to place them in the center of our eyes. Accepts IPD from 62mm to 72mm. They can of course be used out of range, but it won’t look as sharp as the sharpest resolution at the center of the lens.

Peak 4, virtual and augmented reality

Commands are tracked using 4 cameras located in the viewfinder. As a novelty, it has fifth RGB camera this allows us to see the real world in full color, for augmented reality applications, or to see where we are while playing.


Oculus Quest 2 review

also owns sensors that connect to the ankles (sold separately) for full body tracking. Very useful in fitness applications.

As we have already said, they standalone virtual reality glasses. Inside they have Snapdragon XR2 processor with 8 GB of RAM, which is responsible for launching games and applications. It is sold in two versions with 128 and 256 GB of memory. The battery reaches 5300 mAh and lasts for 2.5 or 3 hours of use.

Deliver games to the platform Pico opened his own shopin which there are already more than 200 games and applications.

app store

Unlike their predecessors, the Pico 3 Link, these Pico 4 do not include a DisplayPort connector to connect to a PC via cable, and play computer VR games. They will be available, but via streaming, which entails loss of quality and higher latency.

Virtual reality glasses Pico 4 arrive in Spain October 18By price €429 for the 128GB version and €499 if you want 256GB of storage.

Finally virtual reality glasses Meta Quest 2 They have competition to match. Peak 4 at least a priori, they correspond to all levels.

Little by little virtual reality marketed as traditional video games: autonomous glasses with mobile equipment for watching movies on the big screen, casual games and fitness activities goal quest 2 D Peak 4and headsets that connect to powerful hardware like the PlayStation VR 2 or HP Reverb G2 to enjoy the most immersive AAA games.

Source: Computer Hoy

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