Nate Purkeypile, a former Bethesda developer, talked about the challenges the team has faced in bringing such a massive project to life as: star field. Purkeypile revealed that the biggest difficulty was being able to create a new universe from scratch, to give shape to an unprecedented visual language that has to be conceived in every detail.

There are many details that go unnoticed. For example, how to shape the metal panels, what colors to use, what materials are available to citizens, how to distinguish one area from another. It’s much more complex than creating a sequel to something that already exists. If I told you how many concepts were made just for metal panels, you’d be amazed.

After all, we are talking about a really huge production. Purkeypile pointed out that this is the Bethesda .’s Most Ambitious Project and how the team has never used such a large number of resources. “The level of ambition of this project differs from Bethesda’s previous work,” Purkeypile explains, “all of the studio’s previous video games, from Fallout 3 to Skyrim to Fallout 4, have been created by one team. Fallout 76 needed some outside help, but most of the work was done by Bethesda Austin and Maryland. Starfield is much bigger in comparison, with about 500 people working on the project, compared to only 200 before Fallout 76.”

Recently, the game’s composer Inon Zur also highlighted the scope of the project and revealed that the title will be a very in-depth game focused on existential themes.

Starfield will be available on PC and Xbox consoles in 2023. It will also be available at launch for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

  • Starfield Interview: Ex Bethesda Developer at Scale, Building a New Universe (

Source: Lega Nerd

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