mediterrane cabin, Sabanilla-Punta Roca (Salgar) was the scene of a gun attack last Monday, which is being investigated by the authorities.

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Videos show how guests are on their birthday. Stamped by Jonathan José Ospino Illera – some on foot, some in luxury minibuses – after the celebrant shot one of those present. Within seconds, the other guests pulled out the short and long guns and even used a bottle to slit the throat of the subject who killed Ospino.

place alone It is known to be located in a private area north of Barranquilla, and that as many as 200 guests and at least nine bands, including Diego Daza and Beto Zabaleta, came there..

Again, EL TIEMPO says the farm, which has a swimming pool, gardens and access to Ciénaga Los Manatíes, is dedicated to businessman Mauricio Gerlein Echeverría (Julio Gerlein’s brother) and his wife, Adriana Botero Jaramillo, with whom EL TIEMPO communicates.

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My husband and I have owned the property for several years.. We bought this site with the idea of ​​doing recreational activities for people with special needs. This has been and is the main purpose of this site. I have a non-profit foundation: @fundacionyotambien”, explained Botero Jaramillo.

Indeed, the foundation was registered in August 2016, In Barranquilla and in the nets appear photos of specially disabled people from last May—on horseback and riding on the lake.

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Dedicated to the rest of children, teenagers and adults with special needs. Welcome everyone!” reads the title of the page.

Botero added: “I have occasionally rented the site for special events and this time I did it to a woman who is an event planner who has hosted several events there before. I hired from him and trusted his judgment‘, he explained.

And stressed: “I don’t know your clients and it was a terrible surprise for all of us to come across this ominous one. I can’t express the degree of my emotion“.

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There are two dead and one injured so far.

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