The life of Maryuris Muños has passed between lights and shadows these days. The woman who took a shower of criticism for the result of the cake in Barranquilla: sales are over, she’s taunted, she says she’s been threatened and now she’s training.


“We ordered this beautiful pudding made, and look at the rudeness they’ve just brought us. Citizen complaint. Look at the vulgarity, what a terrible pudding,” said the man.

This video went viral on digital channels and was used by Internet users to create all sorts of memes about it.

How was the version of the woman who took on the candy business this week known? He described what happened to the cake and the damage it had done to his business and his life.

“I don’t order like that, I get it days in advance. So I made the pudding and at that moment I had to leave but I had already left everything. My daughter, who is not a pastry chef, helped me out with her innocence when she saw I was taking too long and had already covered the pudding when I arrived,” she said.

He guarantees that he has returned the money to the customer, and after a few minutes he realizes that the citizen has paid. public complaint. “This was what bothered me, it was insulting and everyone was commenting without really knowing what it was.”

The importance of that complaint was so much that, days later, his sales drastically declined and he began to receive threats. Something that hasn’t happened to him in three years with this project.

Luckily for Muños, who learned about the trade with the encouragement of relatives, they turned up, too. sympathetic people after this incident

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International bakeries, a local entertainer, and citizens in general supported the woman. The most recent was that of actor Rafael Caparroso, who gave him a gift. Training Workshoprun by a family member.

These gestures are bearing fruit in the new life of Maryuris Muños, who now shows a better face of Mickey Mouse, this time staying the same as the model.


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Source: Exame

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