Stumble Guys is the best version of Fall Guys on mobile

This alternative to Fall Guys for mobile is garnering millions of downloads worldwide and it’s awesome.

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Fall Guys is one of the most popular and entertaining games today, but it is not available on all platforms. In particular, the game does not get along very well with Apple ecosystems. And while it’s possible to play Fall Guys on a Mac with another trick, Not possible to play on iPhone or Android smartphone for now.

And that’s exactly why we have many alternatives to the game on the App Store and Google Play, most of them of questionable quality. But recently one of them Alternatives to Fall Guys ranked #1 in downloads It has done so in a large number of countries and because of its high quality and similarity to the original idea.

the stumbling men

Stumble Guys is the Fall Guys alternative you’ve been waiting for

Stumble Guys: An Alternative to Fall Guys for Mobile

The name of this alternative the stumbling men and it is similar both in name and gameplay. It looks like a pretty obvious copy of Battle Royale and really looks like Fall Guys for mobile. According to Appmagic it has already amassed 160 million downloads and is currently one of the top choices.

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer group elimination game where up to 32 players can compete online and progress each round in ever-increasing chaos to be the last man standing! If you fall, you need to start over and run as fast as you can. Have fun running nonstop!

The game can be downloaded from both the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. This is a game completely free Up to 32 players can join at the same time. It is available in 16 languages, including Spanish, and is compatible with any iPhone running iOS 13 or later.

Try to overcome a series of ridiculous challenges and ridiculous obstacles, shoot your opponents and advance to win! Are you ready to be eliminated? Download Stumble Guys, the ultimate elimination game, now and join the frenzy like no other. Invite your friends and eliminate them all!

Of course, although not original, it is quite the right approach and one of the few options for playing this type of game from our smartphone or tablet. Despite Fall Guys creators promised the game would also come to mobile devicesFollowing Epic Games’ acquisition of Fall Guys developer company Mediatonic in March 2021, this may never be. Of course, they lose millions of users.

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