This is April 28, Johnny Depp’s security guard Malcolm Connelly talked about the relationship between the famous actor and Amber Heard.

The testimony was made via video link from his home in Essexx, England, and made Depp and those in court laugh as he recounted the events.

Malcolm Connelly, who is Johnny Depp’s bodyguard and also works for his children Lily Rose Depp and Jack Depp, said that he first met Heard in 2010 when he was promoting the movie “Drive Angry” with Nicholas Cage. As reported in the statement, the actress looked “beautiful”.

After that, she never saw him again until she joined ‘Greek Diary’ with Depp. Connelly recalled that Heard was “charming and fascinating” during that early stage of their relationship. But as time passed, everything changed. Actually, The security guard noted that Heard was starting to become “challenging and demanding.”

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“I could see that Amber wanted to wear pants in the relationship, it was pretty obvious,” Connelly said.

He also added, “He can turn into a cold person in the blink of an eye.”

He also remembered that Heard had been violent in the past. Sometimes he would throw things like lighters and soda cans at Depp.

On the other hand, Malcolm said Depp was “not happy” on the couple’s honeymoon and noted that he saw the actor with scratches and bruises on his face.

At the time, a photo of Depp and Heard on their honeymoon was shown in court while on the Orient Express train from Bangkok to Singapore. According to Connelly, she took the photo and mentioned that she could see swelling under the actor’s eye. Connelly said that at no point did he see any injuries in Heard.

Connelly was with Depp and Heard in Australia in 2015., when with your finger. As he recounted, the couple had an argument and Depp cut off his little finger.

In his statement, he says that when he arrived at the place where they were staying, he noticed that there was a truck without a driver, and screams were heard, and when he opened the door, it was a mess.

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Depp patted his hand and Heard was “furious.” They both shouted at each other. Connelly added it the situation looked like a cartoon. “It shook all over… I could see the bone,” Depp said.

At that time, Heard’s lawyers began cross-examination and asked Connelly if he had received $8,500 (33 million pesos) worth of gifts with Depp, to which he replied, “He gave me much more than that.” He burst into laughter from Depp and those who attended the courtroom.

When asked what happened at the home in Australia, Heard’s lawyer said Depp tried to urinate in the hallway and “his penis is sticking out”.

He replied: “I think I would remember if I saw Mr Depp’s penis.” His response sparked laughter again, louder this time, Depp had to lower his head as he couldn’t contain his laughter.

In 2018, When Heard I was already in separation processes with Depp, Wrote an article in the “Washington Post” Although Depp was never mentioned, he stated that he was a victim of sexual violence.

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The actor’s legal team argues that although he is not named in this article, he is considered a family abuser, also known as ‘Scissors’. later brought negative effects on Johnny’s career.

Therefore, Depp sues Heard for $50 million (197 billion Colombian pesos), which Heard responds with a $100 million (395 billion Colombian pesos) counterclaim against her ex-husband for violence.

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