Today we cannot deny it. password manager It will help us a lot in almost inexhaustible use. entries on our favorite devices. After all, many websites, online stores, social networks, and other services require the creation of credentials for access, maintaining security, and customizing the experience.

In this scenario, we always see a very common detail: saving passwords for more convenient access. But this is where malicious people emerge to steal information, money and harm users worldwide. The solution is strong passwords, extra checks and password program. thinking about those who have doubts about password managers, TecMundo created a guide that presents the advantages of using a password manager.

What are the advantages of using a password manager?

Passwords can be pretty annoying sometimes. Long, complex passwords made up of numbers, symbols, and capital letters are definitely more secure, but harder to remember. After all, who has never needed to use “forgot password” to create a password from scratch after losing the previous one?

You have to be a little creative to get rid of the date of birth, sequential numbers and the name of the pet. And if the number of passwords increases many people will repeat the same password for everything. This might be a bad idea.

This password manager Even if you create 1000s of different passwords, it will help. Its purpose is to store, manage, save and remember passwords for countless networks, websites and applications.

In other words, the first and foremost advantage is undoubtedly safety. Many programs like this there is encryption and they can create and store unique passwords, without having to save anything in your head. Most of the time, just master password and two-factor authentication.

Another advantage is organization and practicality. Joyful password managers it has some integration with mainnets and makes it easy to access as you save your logins, only with more encryption than traditional.

The list of benefits also includes extra tools and functionality. Some password programs It has validators that analyze potential downsides and weaknesses in text credentials. Others fill in information such as name, address and credit card number from their safes.

The final advantage is access to these programs. While there are already some solid free options to some extent, many do not have expensive or dollar-paying subscriptions. As with streaming, security could get into your monthly budget, who knows.

best password managers

. Last Pass | disclosure

We list the main advantages of using a. password manager, but the most verbose ones – a lot – depend on the program you use and your plan. Among the most successful options among users are, for example, 1Password, LastPass and KeePass (free and open source).

Between free password managersLastPass can be considered one of the best – the software also has a paid version. The platform has good encryption and password authentication options and stores them in your vault.

If you can afford it, 1PassWord might be a better alternative. It has the program for PC, Mac and mobile devices and more complete password authentication than its competitors. Other benefits include: the option to use two-factor authentication and store codes used in the app’s vault; family plan for sharing passwords; and practical and intuitive interface.

Source: Tec Mundo

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