Razer co-founder Robert Krakoff, known in the industry as RazerGuy, has died at the age of 81.. His death occurred last Tuesday, April 26, although this became known only two days later, after tweet and a tribute on the company’s website. Despite this, the news went virtually unnoticed for several days; Let’s not forget that Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has been in the spotlight for most of the past week.

In its leadership role, Krakow quickly became one of the main figures involved in the promotion of specific peripherals for games. And in the early 2000s, he was personally responsible for spreading the benefits of devices specifically designed to take the video game experience to the next level.

as assembled edgeRazerGuy was a key player in the launch of the first mouse gamer. Razer Boomslang It appeared in 1999 and laid the foundation for a catalog of accessories that has not stopped growing since then.

It’s worth noting that Razer wasn’t really a company at the time. At first it was a brand owned by a firm called Karnadeveloped in collaboration with Fitch, marketing agency. And when the parent company ceased to exist in 2001 due to serious economic problems that led to its ruin, RazerGuy merged with Ming Liang Tang — the firm’s current CEO and creative director — to keep Razer alive.

In 2005, Robert Krakoff and his partner officially turned Razer into a company. And over the years managed to establish it as one of the most prominent in the field of peripherals for gamers. But the company isn’t just about mice, keyboards, and laptops for gamers. hardcore, but also for other rather peculiar products; from a customizable desktop to futuristic masks, not forgetting the (frankly ridiculous) thimbles for mobile play.

However, they also set their sights on performance and did so very successfully.

RazerGuy, the completely unknown who made Razer famous

The case of Robert Krakoff is very interesting because despite being a pioneer in the peripherals industry for games, he was also completely unknown to many. With the exception of those who interacted with the Razer product in the early 2000s, its name must have gone unnoticed by most.

But RazerGuy was the key to introducing the idea that you could build accessories to really take advantage of the video games of the time. Long before other brands introduced any RGB product and labeled it “gamerclear. was in direct contact with the players and has always tried to give a special flavor to its relationship with consumers.

After hearing the news of his death, many longtime users took the opportunity to acknowledge the feeling of intimacy brought on by the executive. For a long time, Razer products were produced with a note signed by RazerGuy himself; But that’s not all, as he also publicly shared his email address and regularly responded to buyer inquiries.

In recent years, he no longer had the daily sickness that he had in his early days, but did enjoy the title of “honorary president” of Razer. “Robert’s unwavering energy and passion for games They are still alive and continue to inspire us all,” the company noted in its farewell message.

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