Prices for ddr5 memory modules continue to drop. Although only a few months have passed since the introduction of 10 euros per gigabyte, the next milestone is now on the horizon: the 100 euro limit for 16 GB. At the time of writing, we are only a few euros away from that.

The cheapest module with 16 GB ddr5 is currently selling for 105.50 Euros (excluding shipping costs). We’re talking about a relatively simple lane from Samsung stables with a speed of 4,800 MT/s. cas delay 40 cycles.

But that price point is 11.3 percent lower than last month when you spent at least 119 euros on 16GB DDR5. Prices for separate dimming sets of 2 x 8GB (€129.90), 2 x 16GB (from €239) and 32GB (€229) have also dropped. The cheapest ddr5 module is currently 8 GB ValueRam from Kingston (ddr5-4800, cl40) and is available for 70 euros.

For an up-to-date overview of the ddr5 market, we have our overview article updated monthly with the latest developments.

Source: Hardware Info Product Comparator

Source: Hardware Info

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