In honor of the launch of War god RagnarokSony Interactive Entertainment, in collaboration with DAZN, lit up the field of San Siro with a beautiful digital mosaic created with the precious support of the community that participated in the #FaceTheRagnarök project.

The beautiful digital mosaic was projected onto the stadium pitch for the Serie A TIM match between Inter and Bologna. Thanks refined video mapping technologyallowing you to create effects with great visual impact, spectators first witnessed the “freezing” of the turf, which then gradually “crumbled” to reveal a giant digital mosaic depicting Kratos and Atreus, the protagonists of the last chapter of the ‘Norwegian epic’ developed by Santa Monica Studio.

However, the mosaic does not represent just a simple projection: when viewed in detail, the most important art hides thousands of shots of the PlayStation community, who animate the composition with their faces.

In fact, as underlined at the beginning, the special activity on the San Siro field represents the culmination of #FaceTheRagnarok: a project that started on October 3rd and is entirely dedicated to the Playstation community, in which the stories, experiences and uniqueness of all players are the beating heart of the story.

Users, to participate in the initiative, shared a selfie, paint your face with the iconic tattoo that features Kratos’ face. Participants were then asked to describe themselves by choosing from a few key words that identified i distinctive features of one’s personality. In just three weeks, the community responded with great enthusiasm, with more than collected 2,000 shots, the same ones that were then used to create the beautiful digital mosaic that lit up the San Siro Field.

Before we leave you, we remind you that God of War Ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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