Guillermo Alberto Prieto la Rotta, better known as ‘Pirry’, has made a name for himself in the journalism and audio-visual industry thanks to his presence as a presenter. in various shows of adventure, political satire and ideas.

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He joined the RCN channel in 2001 and since then his popularity has grown exponentially as he has managed to position himself on the small screen. Pirry’s world Y Special Productsthe one in prime time. Despite the success of this area, the last episode of the program was broadcast on April 26, 2015. directed, scripted, hosted and presented by himself.

Since then, he has devoted himself to the world of social networks, where he has a community of more than two million people, where he manifests.u Travel content focused on environmental protection in Colombia and around the world.

However, although it has great repercussions on different digital platforms, A few days ago, a video went viral showing the host asking for help from his virtual audience. being able to find some sponsors to help them move forward with their projects.

“Help, I’m looking for help”These were the words read at the beginning of a publication that has already received more than 500,000 reproductions and 25,000 “likes”.

“There are people who tell me I’m rich and no, I’m not rich. I’m basically working to make these trips, so I’m working to study harder, but i love this job. “I can’t travel without a camera and capture a story to tell,” he said.

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“I don’t want them to pay me, I live with my career and take it from there (…) Right now it’s not that easy with this dollar thing and I need sponsors. So if you like this content, I specifically invite you to spread and share it today because I’m looking for sponsors.”

“Pirry” argued that it wasn’t just traveling for the sake of traveling, as there was a lot of work behind every scene and every recorded moment. Likewise, stating that his message is mainly directed to an audio-visual device company, seeks your attention to bring about collaborative exchange.

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