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Only in these few stores is it worth buying on Black Friday 2022, according to the OCU.


We are in the middle of a Black Friday campaign, and due to this, almost every business is signing up to offer their various offers, offers that are completely uninteresting this year, according to OCU.

Contrary to the opinion of many people, products that really look down in black Friday These were those who want to get rid of stocks, and those who sell a lot do not receive discounts, the OCU says.

From the OCU, a month before the celebration of Black Friday, they began to collect prices for a range of goods, in particular for the bestsellers of the main online establishments.

And they have bad news for you, because, at least in these early days of Black Week, there were almost no discounts.


It’s an iPhone 14 plus

Previous conclusions of the OCU

  • They claim that only 2% of groceries were cheaper on Monday (yesterday) than on any previous day in the past 30 days.
  • They also note that 37% could have been bought cheaper the day before November 21 (over 30 days ago).
  • Finally, the remaining 61% have not changed their price from October 22 to the present.

This explains that really good items are not discounted and we only see items that have sold poorly in recent months.

However, they have good words for some companies like Eroski, PhoneHouse and Alcampo.

  • On the one hand, on the online shopping website Eroski, they note that this is where the percentage of price declines is higher than price increases, finding a 21% decrease.
  • PhoneHouse introduced a significant part of its range in the promotion at a price 25% lower than last month.
  • Finally, Alcampo also has discounts of almost 10% on the products they have tracked.

Unfortunately, they specify that nearly half of the stores they surveyed do not stock popular items and that many of them have items that are now even more expensive than at any time in the recent past.

They claim that there is no category where they saw products cheaper, but categories like tires and tablets that are even more expensive than they were a month ago.

So keep an eye out for Black Friday deals because chances are you’re buying product more expensive compared to how it was in recent months.

Source: Computer Hoy

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