Since its premiere last October, ‘Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope’ has been a huge hit, so exactly earlier this month the new update was released that includes fixing certain ‘bugs’ (failures) that users can enjoy. such as text problems or character jams in localized versions of the game) and improving some of the game’s tools and settings.

This video game was developed by Ubisoft Milan and published by Ubisoft for Nintendo Switch and has a turn-based RPG (tactical role-playing) modality. Her protagonists are iconic characters like “Mario”, “Luigi” and “Princess Peach”; but the ‘Rabids’ are also in attendance.From Ubisoft’s ‘Raving Rabbids’ series.

The evil power of ‘Cursa’ is spreading throughout the universe. He seeks to consume the mysterious ‘Sparks’, strange and powerful creatures formed from the merging of Lumas and Rabbids, threatening to destroy anyone who stands in his way.“, can be read on the official Ubisoft page; players They must choose their favorite characters and go through a series of maps to complete the game.

Regarding this new bet, Quentin Correggi, co-producer of Ubisoft’s “Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope”, explained in an interview with EL TIEMPO why this game is a great option for fans of this pastime.

“Mario”, “Rabbid Peach” and their friends are back in a new adventure in “Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope”. This time they will face a new villain: ‘Cursa’. ‘Cursa’ is an evil entity that threatens to absorb the energy of the entire galaxy. Our heroes will travel the galaxy in their spaceships and explore various different planets to fight the ‘Cursa’ army and undo their evil influence. They will meet a variety of colorful characters, solve puzzles and mysteries and, above all, fight the ‘Cursa’ army in epic turn-based battles.

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Every ‘Mario Bros’ game has always offered new gaming experiences. This is no exception. When we started collaborating with Nintendo in 2014, we presented the prototype of a turn-based strategy game featuring the characters “Mario Bros” and “Rabbids”. They loved it as it was something unique that had never been done with ‘Mario’, this prototype became ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’. For “Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope” we expand this formula even further. Players, ‘Mario Bros. They will team up with beloved characters from the Universe and their ‘Rabbids’ counterpart. They can freely explore planets born from the merging of the ‘Mushroom Kingdom’ and ‘Rabbids’ universe. Battles are as dynamic as ever with our innovative real-time battle system.

Since the creation of the “Mario + Rabbids” universe, we have always worked closely with Nintendo to create a universe with the right balance between “Mario Bros” and “Rabbids” references. In “Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope” players can play as their “Mario”, “Luigi”, “Peach” and “Rabbid” counterparts, but this time we’re happy to have “Bowser” join the team. The villain roster also consists of famous “Mario Bros” enemies such as “goombas”, “bob-ombs” and “magikoopas” and many other original characters born from the fusion between “Mario Bros” universes. Rabbids’. A perfect example is ‘Crusher’, a ‘pig/Rabbit’ character who carries a huge fist on his back that can crush heroes.

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After the success of “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” and “Donkey Kong Adventure” DLC, we wanted to expand the “Mario + Rabbids” universe even further. Space exploration across the galaxy seemed like the perfect choice to achieve this goal. It was the perfect opportunity to give our team so much freedom to build unique and colorful planets, as well as add elements of the beloved ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ like ‘Sparks’, the result of the ‘Lumas’ fusion. ‘ and ‘Rabbits’; as well as our new hero ‘Rabbid Rosalina’. ‘Rosalina’ herself is an integral part of the game’s story, but she can’t tell much about it.

It was a surprise for our community to see ‘Mario and Rabbids’ in a tactical turn-based game. When we started developing ‘Sparks of Hope’, we knew we had to live extravagantly and find something new. Because combat has always been at the heart of the ‘Mario + Rabbids’ brand, we’ve focused our efforts on pushing the boundaries of the turn-based genre. We wanted this game to be as fluid and dynamic as possible, even though it’s sometimes seen as slow and passive. This time around, now with no cursors or grids, players directly control their heroes in real time, which offers a truly exciting experience and a great change from the usual turn-based gameplay.

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On top of that, after more than 7 years of working on the Nintendo Switch platform alone, our team has developed a true hardware experience that allows us to use the console to its full potential to deliver visually beautiful gameplay.

The good thing is that the video game market is not a zero-sum game. For myself, I really enjoy multiplayer video games. onlinerepresents a significant portion of my total game time. But what I love about video games is that they can offer very different experiences. None are mutually exclusive, and the entire industry benefits from having successful games that attract new players, whether in singleplayer or multiplayer. online. We see successful solo adventure games every year (we recently celebrated our 10 million player milestone for ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’) and I’m sure they’re here to stay. I am confident the industry will thrive as we focus on creating great and diverse experiences for our players.

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