Eid became an excuse Doing different things and having a good time with family at Christmas or New Year.

Considering that family date nights need some innovative ideas and also that users are always interested in integrating technology and their devices into such spaces.

Therefore, these are some video game recommendations you can get to pass. fun family time.

Just Dance 2023 Edition: This is a famous dance simulator that has sold even 80 million copies and offers users a complete repertoire of songs in different languages ​​and with various choreographies.

symbolic Mario multiplayer alternatives and also only one nintendo switch. Considering that this device allows two people to enjoy this video game.

Rabbids by Ubisoft: Party of Legends They offer several multiplayer alternatives that support up to four users in local mode and offer motion controls on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Sports: This is the sequel to Nintendo Switch Sports. Wii Sports It allows you to play sports such as tennis, bowling, badminton, football, volleyball, golf and ‘chambara’ (a kind of sword fight). These actions can be performed between several players.

LEGO Star Wars: The Legend of Skywalker An installment that bets on a tour through the three trilogy of the Skywalker saga, from the legendary episode IV to the controversial ‘Ascension’.

This game can be played as a family and even produce goals between family members.

Source: Exame

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