While 2022 has undoubtedly been a year of great releases, most of them are games that require us to put a few extra hours into them. Game of the Year, Elden Ring is undeniably a staple of everything we’ve seen in 2022, but you can reserve it right now. 80 hours to enjoy all its contentsor. That is if you are an experienced player of this type of games.

That’s why we want to recommend you short and simple games To spend this Christmas. All games are of incredible quality, short but intense, that will make your hours in front of the console or PC a very enjoyable pastime.

We wanted to make a selection of releases over several years. That is, these are not the last games that have just appeared on the market. You can get them for a few euros, and you can play the other one for free if you have Xbox Game Pass (also on PC) or PlayStation Plus in some of its aspects, which offer access to a catalog of games.

Surely you have already played some of them, heard about them or they are familiar to you. Whatever it was, they are all excellent quality, critically or publicly acclaimedToday they were an absolute success when they were launched. If you’ve lost sight of them or forgot about them, now is the time to enjoy short but action-packed stories.

5 short and fun games

fire department

  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • platforms: PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, macOS and PC.

fire department This is perhaps the absolute benchmark for short games of the highest quality and with a huge narrative load. This is one of the main components of all lists. It is also available on all platforms. It is played very simply and has several endings depending on our actions. Them narrative section outstanding and its artistic part ten. A game to play and complete in just 4 hours.

little nightmares

YouTube video

  • Duration: about 3 and a half hours.
  • platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Although its sequel is quite recent, the real gem is the first game. A very simple platform and puzzle title with a great art section and a great storyline. It is available on most platforms, it lasts quite a bit and you will love it. In fact, if you know how long (and how much) a traditional AAA game lasts, you can buy and play both the first and its sequel. Safety pin.

to roam

YouTube video

  • Duration: 5 o’clock.
  • platforms: PC and PlayStation.

The most recent of the entire list and is only available on PC and Sony consoles, including PS4 and PS5. Also, if you have PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you can play it without buying it. as it is included in the subscription. This is a very cute adventure that combines puzzles and platforming in a cyberpunk world, and the main character is a cat. Ideal to spend a few hours.

What’s left of Edith Finch

YouTube video

  • Duration: two hours.
  • platforms: PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

One of those very short games, but with a heartbreaking story that you will remember forever. The name that was released for the previous generation is one of the indie the most popular of all time, for its simplicity and staging, two elements that embrace an outstanding story that will leave no one indifferent.


YouTube video

  • DurationA: about 6 hours.
  • platforms: PlayStation, PC and Xbox.

One of EA’s greatest blockbusters to hit consoles and PC with the stamp of Josef Fares, creator of the great Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This is a focused adventure game that you can play with another person. This is a story about two people playing at the same time with different points of view. A game that the whole family can play at Christmas and one of the longest on the list, but it can be completed in a few hours.

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