If you have a PS5 and it’s upright, you can cause long-term damage to it. According to a report from Vololo, consoles in this position, as a rule, pass liquid metal, which is used to cool the processor. Some repair shop owners in France have found that this liquid causes permanent damage to the console.

The metal that cools the PS5 APU may leak if the console is placed vertically. According to Extreme Technology, the dissipation interface is sensitive to shock or vibration which breaks the seal and allows it to leak out of the container. The only solution to avoid the crash is to “fold” the console and use it in landscape mode.

Error reported 68Logicmember scenes PlayStation and owner of a repair shop in France. Ben Montana, another hardware specialist, posted photos of consoles damaged by liquid metal. The latter would have been warning users of this failure for months and prompting them to place their PS5 in a horizontal position, regardless of whether it is a digital version or with a disc reader.

How not to spill liquid metal on PS5?

Before you get alarmed and think about a new version of the ring of death, it is worth considering a few points. Now there is no specific information about the cause of the failure or the number of affected users.. While it is speculated that vibrations from the Blu-ray drive may cause liquid metal to leak, there is no evidence to support this. It is also believed that it occurred after a strong blow or sudden movement.

AND hitting the PS5 motherboard would be a disaster given that this can lead to a short circuit. One issue to consider is that it doesn’t crash when in use because, according to TheCod3r, a Youtuber who specializes in hardware repair, is also present in new hardware. A video posted three months ago shows new PlayStation 5 with this bugpresumably staying upright inside the box.

At the moment, there is no official response from Sony, and it probably won’t happen unless more affected consoles show up. Due to the nature of the refusal, it may be a defective batch sold in France and other European countries. It is likely that some of the engineers in the company are aware of the problem and are making the necessary adjustments so that it does not happen again.

TheCod3r (YouTube)

In case your PS5 won’t turn on, it’s best to send it in for service. If you are no longer under warranty, you can contact a PlayStation Authorized Center. Opening and repairing the console yourself will be the last step and should only be done if you have experience with the hardware.

If you have a PS5 and don’t want to risk being the victim of a bug, the only alternative would be to place it horizontally. Yes, we know it takes up a lot of space in this configuration, but it’s the only way to avoid complications in the future.

Source: Hiper Textual

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