After many months without any news, Xbox put the house up for sale at Developer_Direct, the first event of the year. Phil Spencer’s executives offered us a look at a few of the games coming out over the course of this year. Among them are Forza Motorsport, a franchise that will take its first steps in the current generation. His new trailer is impressive.

Although Microsoft has already shown us a preview Forza Motorsport a year earlier, in the material shared, today we delve into the main news of the game. First of all, it’s obvious that they’re putting in a lot of effort to present a product that, in the visual field, fully exploits the capabilities of the Xbox Series X. Graphics level Forza Motorsport it won’t be required.

Starting with Turn 10, the study responsible for its development mentions that Forza Motorsport will reach 4K resolution while maintaining the refresh rate at 60 fps. In addition, you will have support ray tracing (ray tracing) while racing. Therefore, you can see how the cars are reflected in the bodies.

We improved the appearance of cars with a spectrophotometer that captures multiple data points about the behavior of light on the surface. With this new technique, our paint patterns have a more realistic light response for all colors, metal variations, and sheen levels.

Turn 10.

In the past, we used to see more detailed information about certain vehicles based on their popularity or importance. However, since Forza Motorsport it will be in the past. On startup it will include over 500 cars with a stunning level of detail. You will have the option to customize them to add your personal touch because you will have more at your fingertips. 800 modifications.

As for the setting, Forza Motorsport offer up to 20 locations, which will adapt schemes with layout variations. There will be locations familiar to motorsport fans as well as completely new locations, such as the Kyalami Raceway in South Africa.

“Thanks to the level of detail in the schematic using photogrammetry and laser-scanned images, the team was able to make details 10 times more realistic, including highly detailed vegetation and undergrowth. With all the cutting-edge visuals, including tens of thousands of fully animated 3D spectators, every player will feel immersed in the spectacle of racing.

As if the above wasn’t enough Forza Motorsport will be dynamic weather. So, in the same races, you could observe both day and night, as well as different types of environmental conditions. This will of course change the state of the trace.

As for the sound, Turn 10 warns that they have never put so much effort into this section before. They have joined forces with Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos to create best sonic experience of the franchise. They even dedicated themselves to recreating the engine sound of each car.

The bad news is that currently Forza Motorsport continues with no release dateAlthough Microsoft promises that it will appear sometime in 2023 on the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Source: Hiper Textual

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