In the last few hours, several police officers It was reported that there was a warrant for the arrest of a prominent active Dijín colonel.

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EL TIEMPO was first established early on Thursday, February 2nd. CTI and Army Gaula agents arrived at the officer’s home, searched, and the officer left handcuffed.

about Ricardo Alberto Durán Ruiz, affiliated with Dijín and known for his anti-mafia work.

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Sources close to the incident assure that the leak of information involving at least three Policemen involved in mafia structures is being investigated: “There are two more arrests. Durán was the third or fourth person in Dijín’s line of command.“.

According to the agency’s own sources, the case took them by surprise as it involved an officer close to the DEA. He also conducted operations with British, French and Spanish investigators in the fight against drug trafficking.

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Although the investigation was conducted in absolute secrecy,EL TIEMPO found that the case was handled by prosecutor Mario Burgos, the same person who investigated the crime of famous hairdresser Mauricio Leal and investigated former capo Carlos Ramón Zapata.

As for Colonel Durán, it is known that the man in uniform has been in the institution for over 12 years and works in a Criminalistics group in the city of Bogotá.

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Also, he is trusted by the high command.

EL TIEMPO Contacted the Police and the police directed the interrogation to the Press Office, which has not yet issued a warrant of arrest, and to those who are to come.

However, the director is expected to arrive in the next few hours. Dijín, Colonel Olga Salazar, commenting on the matter.

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Source: Exame

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