Myst Mobile has just landed on the App Store and is one of the best games for iPhone and iPad

The classic puzzle adventure game has arrived on iOS and iPadOS.

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Myst celebrates 30 years with this release

The developer company of the original version of Myst, Cyan Inc., celebrating. Their classic and popular game is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and has announced the release of a mobile version for iPhone and iPad. MystMobile It is now available on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS.

If you’re nostalgic and want to replay Myst or just want to try something new, you can download Myst Mobile. completely free From the App Store on iPhone and iPad. To unlock the full game via a single in-app purchase.

Myst Mobile for iPhone and iPad is now on the App Store

Myst was Game of the Year on the Mac App Store in 2021 and is now available on the iPhone and iPad App Store. However, according to reports from MacRumors, a previous version of the game already existed in the Apple app store. Only this time you can explore the island of Myst for free before you buy it.

Myst Mobile is one of the engaging puzzle games for iPhone and iPad with beautifully designed graphics, exquisite music, and a story full of mystery and puzzles. Your role as the hero of this story will be to discover all the secrets of the island.

“The day is today! It’s FREE to explore the Isle of Myst on iOS. Immerse yourself in this classic redesigned with controller, touch controls, and Smart and Magic Folio keyboard support. Uncover the secrets of the ages on the Isle of Myst. One in-app purchase.”

Myst Mobile is compatible with iPhone and iPad models with A12 chip or later and is optimized for: Take full advantage of the full performance of M1 and M2 chips. According to Cyan developers, the game has graphics that rival console games on the M2 chips version.

I’m sure many of you have played and loved Myst at some point, it’s one of those classics that will never be forgotten!

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