After marches and rallies in support of President Gustavo Petro this Tuesday, not only those dissatisfied with his government will take to the streets this Wednesday, but also those who oppose the reforms promoted since his presidency.

Opponents called for people to go out on social networks. rejecting the president’s recent projects; among them, health reform.

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Senator María Fernanda said, “We Colombians refuse to let ‘frontline’ criminals get paid and go unpunished after we set the country on fire as we are just recovering from the pandemic. So tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15th, we will march.” He wrote on his Cabal social networks.

The show will be named ‘Walk for your freedom’ The search is made in the main cities of the country and some international destinations such as Miami, New York, Stockholm and Panama City.

There was a large turnout in many cities. So far, authorities have not reported disorder beyond traffic jams.

Riots break out in downtown Medellín. Protesters would try to enter the headquarters of La Alpujarra. There are also attacks on journalists following the mobilization.

“Due to the violence perpetrated by uribistas against citizens and City Hall and Governorate officials, I asked Esmad to evacuate them from Alpujarra square,” said Daniel Quintero, mayor of Medellín.

After Esmad’s intervention, the square was evacuated and the situation was calmed.

At the intersection of Avenida Oriental (Carrera 46) and Avenida La Playa (Calle 51), the center of Antioquia’s capital, citizens began arriving from 10 am, rejecting the reforms proposed by the government of President Gustavo Petro.

After the representative’s speech in the Assembly, miguel polo polo Hundreds of citizens in Medellín who rejected the government of President Gustavo Petro began to move to the Alpujarra, singing the Antioquian anthem on the lively stage on Avenida Oriental.

One of the organizations convening the conference is the Medellín Cuenta Conmigo Corporation, which reported through its networks: this mobilization seeks to reject health and pension reformAs well as the administration of the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero.

The walk along Avenida Oriental in a north-south direction will take Avenida San Juan (Calle 44) at noon to arrive at La Alpujarra Administrative Center.

Citizens arrive from 10 am. Puerta del Sol in Bucaramanga to relocate to the city center in García Rovira park.

More than 5,000 people are expected to attend this show. According to Edinson Ruiz, one of the national organizers of the march, this strike will be attended by digital platforms, health care, Military Forces veterans, Christian churches, Catholic communities and the carrier corps of others.

The bulk of the mobilization is already taking place in its destination, Jairo Varela square, while another advances a few meters, joining the main concentration at the top of Bulevar del Río.

The march was regular and uninterrupted. There are also some references from the opposition, such as Senator María Fernanda Cabal.

The authorities assured that all their capacities would ensure security and order during the mobilization.

Cali Metropolitan Police announced More than a thousand uniformed personnel have been deployed at 22 strategic points in the city so as not to disturb public order.

Protesters in Barranquilla arrive from 10 am to evening. Plaza de la Paz, located in the North-Centro Historico locality.

Among the organizers of the meeting is a Republican senator from this city on behalf of the party. Democratic Center Carlos Meisel, who invited the Barranquilleros and Atlanticenses to the meeting.

“I want to call on everyone who follows our political cause to go out and demonstrate tomorrow, February 15,” Senator Meisel said on his social networks on Tuesday.

Citizens flocked to this area, which represents the capital of the Atlantic with Colombian flags, wearing white T-shirts with the prints of ‘Che’ Guevara inside a banned sign.

Likewise, they stand with placards that read “No to improvised reforms” and “No to health reforms”. The slogans of the demonstrators who took the floor were added to these statements. “No more Peter.”


Source: Exame

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