The company producing robotic air conditioners, Mitsubishi Electric, did not name the date of the assembly record… in the Guinness Book.

The Rubik’s Cube is an unpopular 3D puzzle, and a new type of competition is speedcubing. This discipline also leads to great interdepartmental changes. In the minus is American champion Max Park, who achieved his record of 3.13 seconds.

The nameplate was also changed after that, since robots were put in charge of it. The current absolute record holder is the TOKUFASTbot assembly robot from Mitsubishi Electric. The cube was released in 0.305 seconds, which was 0.075 seconds. The record is already sixty-two years old. This fantastic result took its rightful place in the Guinness Book.

The record of this unique robot mechanics In Mitsubishi Electric servo motors, they can be rotated 90 degrees in 0.9 milliseconds. Their teams are formed using the company’s patented algorithm for color recognition.

Source: Tech Cult

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