From the early hours of this Tuesday, a spectacle was recorded in the capital at the seventh race, with 93 streets attended by about 60 people. They are protesting the Green Corridor project on that road, one of Mayor Claudia López’s flags.


Transito around 9 a.m., seventh race reactivated For the flow of vehicles after Esmad intervened in the protest in the sector.

Around 8:30 in the morning after the show that lasted more than two hours, Police Esmad, who came to the scene, intervened in the protest and reactivated the vehicle passage in the 7th minute..

The slow-moving demonstration, with banners and speeches, created chaos in the area where there were blockades and huge traffic jams on the north-south road.

Dialogue administrators from the district first came to the scene and made peace with the protesters and cleared the way.

Mobility officials recommend: drivers driving southbound in race seven take 116th street westward and turn south on the North freeway or towards the hunt with the carrera 9. NQS.

The seventh intervention, planned by the Bogotá Municipality, includes the use of zero-emission buses in a noise-free, private lane; widening the road to four lanes, new ears reducing traffic light times at 147 and 134, a vegetation and landscaped bike path, a single pedestrian corridor, green spaces and other works.

Source: Exame

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