Pixie Curtis, daughter of public relations specialist Roxy Jacenko, Earn huge amount of money per month by selling toys onlinebecause he states that his business can rent £110,000 (ie 660 million pesos per month).

This eleven-year-old Australian girl says she wants to focus on herself by distracting attention from her important work because she wants to focus on her education.

In statements to an Australian news program, her mother reported that her daughter has put aside her online business. so he can focus on getting into high school.
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“In a nutshell, we’ve been discussing future business plans as a family for the past few months, and despite an incredible journey that started nearly three years ago, we decided it was time to focus on high school right around the corner.” Roxy Jacenko said for the news portal ‘news.com.au’.

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She also said that her daughter’s business will focus on selling children’s hair accessories, as she has done from the very beginning to ease her little daughter’s burden, pressure and work time, because her only focus is to keep you moving forward. to work.

Roxy says that what she is most proud of about her daughter is that she has an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age and has a good business eye. She is also part of the family and genetics she.

on his behalf Jacenko owns several successful communications companiesIn fact, their genetics and good job performances have been proven by their success in Australia.

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But everything caused a stir on social networks for this family, as the businesswoman gave her children some valuable gifts, including Pixie. One of them was a fleet of cars. priced at £193,000, 1,021,564,039 in Colombian pesos was criticized on social networks by parents who could not believe that their children were managing these numbers at such a young age, expressing that they disagreed because Pixie was too young to live this way.

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They are looking for the return of Gaviota de Oro, which Karol G gave as a gift in Viña del Mar.

Source: Exame

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