Volkswagen has an interesting strategy to train those employees who have always been involved in the production of internal combustion vehicles, and now should start working on electric models. It turned out bloombergelectric vehicle company developed ANDQuest for your workers with the goal of alleviating their concerns about the changing processes and tools that electric vehicle manufacturing entails.

Gunnar Kilian, head of human resources at Volkswagen, told the aforementioned media that Making company employees go through the quest room is a “fundamental element” in the process of their immersion in the world of electromobility. “For many, the fact that the internal combustion engine is no more is something completely new, and we must prepare people for a high-voltage environment,” Kilian says. We must keep in mind that the production or even maintenance of internal combustion vehicles is very different from the production of fully electric vehicles. Mainly because the production process of plug-in cars is much more digitized.

Curiously, the quest room reflects the transition that thousands of employees at the Volkswagen plant in Germany will have to make in the coming months. Workers in teams of four will start in an 1860s-style room and move straight into a much more modern space. There they will have to conduct various tests related to electric vehicles and battery technologies.

Escape Room could prevent Volkswagen from laying off thousands of workers

Production of the Volkswagen 1.5L TDI diesel engine in India.

This quest room is expected to be attended by 22,000 workers to reduce their worries and prepare them for the transition from developing combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. However, at the moment heThe activity will be carried out for 1600 employees involved in the production of the Volkswagen ID.3.which will start in the middle of this year.

A ANDThe scape room to train workers who have so far made combustion vehicles and will be in charge of electric cars in the coming months is a really interesting strategy for several reasons.

Is a much more enjoyable way to train workers. Moreover, Volkswagen do not have to do without staff who do not have experience in electromobility. So it may not follow in the footsteps of Ford, which has laid off more than 3,800 workers by devoting some of its factories solely to electric vehicles.

Source: Hiper Textual

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