American actor, about a month after being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia Bruce Willis, 67, was caught walking the streets of the United States.

Hence his wife Emma Heming Willis asks paparazzi to “keep your distance”They tried to interview him and it might backfire as the cameras are on him.

“If you’re caring for someone with dementia, you know how difficult and stressful it can be to let that person out into the world and move safely, even for a cup of coffee,” she said.

“Obviously there’s still a lot to be educated about, so this video is for photographers and people trying to take those special pictures of my husband. Keep your distance,” he added.

Finally, the British model and actress, with whom she has been together since 2009, He asked them to “give him his place” and yell at him for no reason.: “Let our family or whoever is with you get him safely from point A to point B.”

(In context: Bruce Willis’ wife’s desperate plea to the paparazzi: “Don’t shout at her”).

Before her illness was made public, she was photographed having lunch with a few friends in Los Angeles, California.

Now, this was caught again in March 2023. This is considered the first appearance of the hero “Die Hard”. According to the pictures, She looked relaxed with a very casual look while she was walking with her two friends in Santa Monica, California. He was wearing a blue sweater, black pants, tennis shoes, and a gray hat.

He was drinking coffee in a business with his relatives, whose identity has not been revealed by the US press.

(Keep reading: Bruce Willis: How he spends his days with frontotemporal dementia.)

The footage was released a few days after his family expressed concerns about his condition. In fact, the actor’s mother, Marlene Willis, used to say that his behavior was weird.

“Marlene keeps us informed, we call once a month. She says she’s not sure if her son still knows her. (…) There’s always a bit of aggression and it’s no longer possible to have a normal conversation. Wilfried Gliem, Ms. Marlene’s cousin for the German media, “with her together,” he commented. bild.

When his family shared about the progression of the disease, he stressed that there is no clear cure to combat it.

(Also: stern statement from Bruce Willis’ mother about her son’s dementia: it’s painful.)

“We hope that as Bruce’s condition progresses, media attention can focus on shedding light on this disease, which requires much more awareness and research,” they said.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, Frontotemporal dementia is “a rare form of dementia similar to Alzheimer’s disease, except that it tends to affect only certain areas of the brain.”

Patients have “abnormal” substances in their neurons. It is unclear why they occur. Of course, it is known that they can be produced between the ages of 40 and 60.

Symptoms consist of emotional changes, behavior, language, and neurological problems.according to the health institution.

“The disease gradually gets worse. Over time, the tissues in some parts of the brain begin to shrink. Symptoms such as behavioral changes, speech difficulties, mental retardation appear and worsen gradually.”


*With information from La Nación / Argentina (SEA)

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