Millonarios drew 2-2 with Águilas Doradasa game on the 9th day of the League, this Sunday at the El Campín stadium.

Beyond the result, or the criticism that coach Alberto Gamero continues to receive, a new scandal has erupted in the east stands of the Bogotá stadium. That’s part of then albiazul supporters abused a family and came underage amongst crimes.

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The incident occurred during halftime of the match between the ambassador and the Antioquia team, as an Águilas player approached the east stands to give his shirt to a relative or friend.

“There was a 7 year old boy with that gentleman at most”He talked about journalist Felipe Valderrama, who documented the embarrassing event with videos.

Crimes and abuse began to fall on the family and the underage child. There were fans trying to defend the little boy and his father; still others They continued the threats and intimidation by asking them to leave the podium.

Finally, Bogotá Mayoralty officials and Police officers intervened and decided to take the family to prevent the violence from escalating.

So far, there has been no official statement from the Millionaires regarding what happened.


Source: Exame

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