In a historic move, NetDragon has appointed Artificial Intelligence Tang Yu as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. The Chinese conglomerate owns the educational platform Edmodo, as well as games such as: Disney Fantasy OnlineMMO with Disney characters.

While it is not new for a company to assign AIs to positions with subordinates, it is the first time technology has occupied a managerial position. After the extraordinary measure, Shares of the company rose 18 percent on the Hong Kong stock exchange since August 2022, when the experiment began.

If you pay nothing, the savings are more

Yu’s appointment naturally raised a number of questions in business circles. As CEO, Yu is responsible for the same activities as an executive chef. review sensitive data analysis, make administrative decisions, assess risks and promote a productive work environment.

However, unlike people in the office, AI does not receive salaries, pro-work or astronomical annual bonuses. That alone saves the company’s cashiers millions of dollars annually.

Also another advantage is that executive decisions focus on the self-sufficient performance of the company as a whole. This removes attitudes influenced by whims, political choices, or intentions to encourage financial speculation.

With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, will this fashion catch on in big companies?

Source: Tec Mundo

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