frequently visited Luxurious farms in Cundinamarca where he arrives with state-of-the-art vehicles and trucks.

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He was with a card from a security company, a gun, and an escort. However, according to the prosecution, He had no permanent job, much less any legal activity that would allow him to access the lifestyle he exhibited.

For this reason, They have been following him since 2019 after referring to him as the possible leader of a criminal organization operating in Cundinamarca, Tolima, Boyacá and Bogota. with corrupt officials.

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But his name is -EGar Munévar Castillo, alias El Caballista – only gained power in October 2022 when Juan Lárinson, alias Matamba, began taking part in the investigations into Castro Estupiñán’s escape from La Picota. The murdered leader of the ‘la Cordillera’ criminal gang.

However, the arrest warrant Mentioned by the famous ‘narco driver’ Manuel Antonio Castañeda Bernal, He was imprisoned for carrying high-purity cocaine in a National Conservation Unit (UNP) van.

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Castañeda assured ‘al Caballista’, the obscure ex-paramilitary officer Jhon Freddy Gallo Bedoya, teamed up with his alias Pájaro. ‘To plan Matamba’s escape.

For this reason, He and Police Captain Luis Duque Casas were ordered to be captured.

But, EL TIEMPO found that there were other officials involved in the transport of cocaine and the incident in connection with the use of UNP vans.

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Actually, one of the men in uniform was to be sent on a diplomatic mission, and this newspaper was frustrated when he mentioned his name.

DEA agents are investigating whether these officers have any connection to the police operation that found and destroyed ‘Matamba’ on the farm where ‘drug driver’, ‘Pájaro’ and ‘el Caballista’ took him, supposedly to protect him. At the time of his escape, ‘Matamba’ was revealing the names of members of the Army and Police who worked for him.

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This cannot be ignored one of the captured begins to cooperate with justice. Captain Duque and ‘el Caballista’ sent to jail for now and several properties were seized from the latter.

WITH Asset Confiscation Unit Munévar Castillo tracked for property and amount of property accumulated in recent years.

For this reason, It was decided to confiscate and confiscate nine assets in his name. or having a connection with its activities.

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Between The properties covered by the measure are four farms in Bituima (Cundinamarca) and Flandes (Tolima).

Moreover, two high-end vehicles and three houses, including a luxury Mercedes Benz. all goods Their total is about 3,000 million pesos.

Asset Confiscation Unit managed to prove that the confiscated assets “had an illegal origin” and that many of them had been purchased recently and they were in the name of ‘el Caballista’ relatives.

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EL TIEMPO investigated and found that three properties confiscated in Bituima, precisely in the village of Rincón Santo, were purchased by Munévar Castillo between 2008 and 2010. According to the prosecutor’s office, one of them was for horse and cattle breeding.

Measurement, In the case, the prosecutor said he would also fall for two Mercedes Benzes, a BMW and a Jeep Wrangler.
​ ​

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Houses appearing on file are located in Bogotáone of them is in the Madrigal neighborhood in the town of Engativá.

This is the last fIt was found after a relative filed a claim with a bank regarding unauthorized purchases. and in the midst of diligence he delivered the address.

And there are two more features, also in Bituima on behalf of third parties.

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During one of the hearings regarding the escape of “Matamba”, the prosecution pointed out that many crimes were committed against which “Caballista” was accused. coordinated in these properties.

Now, the aim is the “Pájaro”, the armed wing of the top leaders of the “clan del Golfo” in Bogotá. Part of the Narcoesmeraldera feud is attributed to him leaving dozens of dead on the streets of the capital.

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“He set up a collection office at sanadresito de la 38 to kill the enemies and received bodyguards from the UNP. and several surveillance companies and armed men from Medellín,” a source said.

And added new catches are imminent.

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