A terrible accident occurred at around 15:31 on March 24 in Neiva, the capital of Huila province.

According to security cameras, a city bus was waiting for the traffic light to change and turn left that Friday. As soon as you do this, A young woman named Laura Parra fell out of the vehicle..

The driver apparently did not notice because he continued on his way and passersby came to his aid, but the woman did not respond.

(Keep reading: In 2022, there were about 479 work-related accidents per hour in the country).

According to her brother, Javier Parra, via social networks, the young woman was going to her university that day, where she studied psychology – she was in her third semester. This was described by him as a ‘terrible decision’. The bus with license plate VXI091 “moved at full speed with the door open”.

The young woman, who was hit on the back of her head, fell into a coma and then fainted. braindeath.

“I am not writing to gain economic benefit, although it is a completely complex situation, I am looking for this news to be shared, not to remain anonymous, to clarify the facts and what will happen. My little brother does not go unpunished.”stated.


Daisy Contreras

Source: Exame

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