Nintendo will no longer make ‘Super Mario’ games for iPhone

Nintendo’s director confirmed the bad news.

Super Mario will no longer be released in mobile games for iOS or Android

Nintendo’s director and designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, attended an interview with Variety and confirmed this. the company will no longer develop Super Mario games for the iPhone. Nintendo celebrates the return of video games’ most popular mustache plumber to the big screen with the production of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” and it doesn’t want to develop games for smartphones again.

We don’t know if the decision was made because Super Mario’s journeys on iOS and Android weren’t as financially profitable as Nintendo would like, or because they didn’t have enough resources to develop games across all platforms. What we know for sure is, unfortunately, Mario won’t be returning to iPhone.

Nintendo’s director assures there will be no more Super Mario games for iPhone or Android

Nintendo has developed and released multiple mobile games for the App Store and Play Store. However, Super Mario Run and Mario Kart Tour were not as successful as expected. In fact, just like other Nintendo games (under the signing of Niantic) Pokémon GO They’ve achieved much more in the App Store.

It looks like Mario will no longer work on iPhone. Shigeru Miyamoto assured the following:

“Mobile apps will not be the primary route for future Mario games.”

Shigeru thinks this is too much. harder to develop a good game with intuitive controls on a touch screen such as a smartphone.

“The intuitiveness of the controls is part of the gaming experience. When we discovered the opportunity to make Mario games for mobile phones, it was very difficult to decide what kind of game it would be.”

Bad news for Nintendo fans who will have to make do with the Super Mario games already available Games from other platforms like Nintendo Switch.

The bad news never comes alone, Shigeru Miyamoto’s announcement comes a few months after Rovio announced that it would be pulling back the Angry Birds classic on iOS and Android.

Nintendo fans will look forward to the arrival of the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” in theaters what will be the next super mario game It will hit Nintendo video consoles following the Bowser’s Fury expansion in 2021. Unfortunately, whatever it is, the game will not be available on iOS or Android.

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