The world of video games in recent years in one of the most important and ‘juicy’ jobs on the planetMillions are users who forget their routines and seek entertainment in the virtual world.

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Currently, there is a huge selection of video games of all genres and genres for different platforms, here we recommend 3 that are on the rise for PC and are completely online.

video game developed by activation It was one of the most anticipated releases by gamers, Battlefield In the style of Battle Royale, it manages to combine the realism of combat, highlighting the camouflages, weapons and huge map the game has, one of the largest in its category.

Battlefield completely free in online game mode and can be downloaded from the official Call of Duty website. You should still consider the minimum requirements required by the game, because it is too heavy.

This video game has a large worldwide community and is one of the oldest of its kind, celebrating its 10th anniversary since its launch last year. The PC multiplayer game offers several options to play with friends or users around the world.

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League of Legends is a game developed by Riot Games. This allows players to form teams of five and develop strategies to face other opponents in order to demolish the opponent’s buildings.

category Battle Royale is one of the most requested by players. Those who want to play online, this game developed by Epic Games has become one of the most played games in the world, millions of people are having fun every day.

Fortnite has a big difference from other games battle royale and his fighting style and the construction of offensive and defensive structures; It is also completely free on the official page of the developer.


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