This ‘play to win’ are video games that allow users. earn real money or crypto money when interacting and participating in them.

These games have gained popularity in recent months due to the possibility of earning real money through collaboration and progression in a video game.

Based on blockchain technology, electronic model that records transactions, these demos use asset tokens (NFT) to allow ownership and trading of items in apps. This means that by playing and progressing, players can earn and sell these NFTs for financial gain.

Here are some of the best to learn how to play and how much profit you can make ‘play to win’, Based on user ratings and reviews on the Google Play Store.

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The video game is positioned as a favorite to invest in this 2023 due to its popularity among Android and iOS device users.

With its own virtual world installed on a distant satellite known as the ‘Taroverse’, players must represent a designed robot. Exploring and finding natural resources on planet ‘Taro’.

In such a world, you wouldn’t expect the game to have local currency. TARO raising over a million dollars at launch.

users decentralized can buy virtual land on the platform via native cryptocurrency KUDRET HALVA, It can be used to create and monetize experiences such as games, social events and other events.

The developers have predicted a valuation in the digital economy that has crossed the $0.40 mark, reporting a positive trend since the beginning of 2023.

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This app is one of the first choices of followers. with a similar dynamic. pokemonmust train and fight creatures called players. ‘Axis’, to improve both your level and score.

The idea is to improve the looks and abilities of these individuals. ntf, to buy or sell them to other players.


This is a great option for lovers of tech-created metaverses. DeFi and network representation of both digital and physical assets blockchain.

intention sandbox It is to create a virtual realm through NFT tools, which means that the game rewards users’ imagination to create limitless terrains.

The value of their assets are managed in a video game-specific cryptocurrency. Annual it works both to earn interest and to buy video game items, according to developer company PIXOWL.


Source: Exame

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