A little over three years later, EA released “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor”, the sequel to “Fallen Order”, through Respawn Entertainment. The title is intended for current generation consoles i.e. Xbox Series X | Exclusive to S and PlayStation 5 and PC.

Here, players once again represent Cal Kestis, a talented Jedi Knight, no longer a young Padawan. In terms of gameplay, this means that all the skills and mechanics learned in the previous title are quickly recovered in the first few missions of the game.

After that comes only learning new combat mechanics through customizing styles. For example, we can choose to fight with one or two swords, a blaster or a double-edged sword.

‚ÄčEach style can be selected via the crosshead of the control, but only two can be set at a time. To switch with other mechanisms, you need to go to a ‘checkpoint’.

As a Jedi Knight, Cal has a greater mastery of power, evidenced in his enhanced abilities. “Powers” such as slowing time, mind control, grappling, and thrusting allow the player to cleverly overcome challenges and conflicts without always having to use the lightsaber in fierce combat.

As for the enemies, we have wonderful personalities who have gone to the dark side of the force, henchmen of the Galactic Empire, and dangerous fauna from planets where Kestis roams.

Each has its own charm and difficulty, forcing you to always find the best fighting strategy. Sometimes just one lightsaber is better, sometimes two, or maybe even sneaking up from behind.

In short, in ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ the battles continue in that cinematographic spirit with which they discredit us.however, it has been enhanced with Cal’s new abilities and enemy attributes.

We continue to experience a wide world in ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’. Most of their maps are points of interest where multiple roads meet. Some lead us to rewards, others take us to completing small quests that will lead to the conclusion of the central quest, which usually ends in an epic fight.

As paths are traversed, Cal discovers ‘shortcuts’ that allow him to re-navigate these areas without having to travel all the trails. However, between each point of interest there are also some exciting battles that are not as complicated as the last one.

All in all, ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ is an excellent game that rekindles the passion for the saga and gives fans one of the best ‘Jedi gameplay’ experiences.

However, not everything is rosy. Several users reported header optimization issues. At EL TIEMPO we tested it with an Xbox Series X console and were able to point out some of these disadvantages.

While the experience is good overall, even with binoculars (BD-1) with worlds large enough to invite exploration, it’s annoying to have issues or delays in loading textures. On the other hand, the drawing distance was easily noticeable, which makes it feel like it’s too short.

On the other hand, we also show a few bugs like the occasional drop in FPS (frames per second, in English) and passing through walls. In any case, it’s acknowledged that the game has received multiple updates since launch focused on resolving many of these issues. Here you can read what the latest updates are.

Source: Exame

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