WhatsApp, the world’s most downloaded messaging app, is becoming a necessity to be able to communicate with others in a digital age like we live in.

What many may think is that this platform will only work on a mobile phone, because the account on the account applications It totally depends on each user’s mobile number.

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Again, It is possible to use WhatsApp on a mobile phone without a SIM card. Here we tell you how to do it:

The first thing you need is the device on which you want to use WhatsApp. connected to a Wi-Fi network to download applications, In the Play Store or App Store, depending on your computer’s operating system.

When applications if it is already installed, the platform will show that you need to accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ to be able to use it. Then it will ask for a mobile number to create the account.

Here you must enter a real phone numberl Never used on WhatsApp. You can enter a line that you no longer use.

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Source: Exame

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