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In Japan, a 15-meter Gundam-type robot controlled by virtual reality is used to fix train cables.


If you grew up watching anime and reading mecha manga, this is railway robot You will love it. He doesn’t save the world or fight villains, but he’s really exciting.

The Japanese railway company West Japan Rail Company had two problems while repairing the tracks: reduce the number of accidents at workmainly against drops and electric shocks, and Difficulties in finding qualified workers.

His solution was to build railway robot. But this is Japan so what he did impressive 15m humanoid robot reminiscent of classic robots from the anime Gundam, and this too Controlled with virtual reality glasses.. You can see it in this video:


[CH] 15m Gundam-like robot fixes footprints

This unnamed robot is mounted on a vehicle that moves along the railroad tracks. Its legs are a retractable arm that can reach a height of over 15 meters.

From the waist up it’s humanoid robot controlled by virtual reality goggles, as you can see in the video.

The pilot does not use virtual reality, but a camera mounted on the eyes of the robot, which transmits the image to the glasses. Thanks to the lenses, you see everything on a huge screen.

The operator remotely controls the hands of the robot and sees it with his eyes. With this system, it is as if you are inside a robot a few meters above the ground, but in fact you are sitting comfortably and safely in the vehicle’s cabin.

The robot can grab objects of all kinds with its robotic grippers. place them on the electric poles of the tracks. Various tools can also be attached for electrical cable repair, replacement and other tasks.

According to the railway company, with this robot 30% jobs are saved, and accidents are reduced to zero.

In the video you can see one of the tests that are already being carried out. They hope to commercialize the technology in 2024.

Source: Computer Hoy

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