According to the autopsy performed by the prosecutor’s office on Debanhi Susana Escobar’s body, it was determined that the woman died from a deep skull crush.

In addition, state justice sources revealed to Imagen Televisión that Debanhi received two blows to the face, one to the forehead and one to the nose and mouth.

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It was revealed during a review of the videos by Debanhi’s parents to learn about the events that took place on the morning of April 9 with Governor Samuel García. Debanhi entered the Nueva Castilla motel alone.

Finding no help at Alcosa Transport, the 18-year-old girl walked alone to the motel, walked through the main arch entrance, surrounded the restaurant, and passed the cameras controlling the entrance to the venue, where there is a system of monitoring the cameras and she continues walking towards the garden of the venue.

These are the latest images of Debanhi presented with Ciro Gómez Leyva.

While Debanhi Escobar Bazaldúa’s family is confident that there will be new developments in the investigations this week, about a hundred demonstrators Monday afternoon and night demanded justice outside the Nueva Castilla motel. The young college student was found lifeless at the bottom of a tank nearly four meters deep last Thursday night.

In this context, Deputy Prosecutor Luis Enrique Orozco Suárez stated in an interview with a local media outlet that Debanhi Susana’s mobile phone was found in the aforementioned grave even though it was not next to her body, and that it was found in that grave even though the State Attorney General’s Office had the required qualifications. In view of the technical difficulties caused by the effects of prolonged immersion in water, personnel, They will be assisted by external personnel to try to recover photos, possible phone calls or messages and assist with investigations.

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Debanhi Escobar’s father, Mario Escobar, had reservations about how his daughter’s body got to the tank next to the Nueva Castilla motel where her body was found on April 21. because he doesn’t believe his daughter has managed to jump over the 10-metre fence that surrounds the site.

The Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office showed videos in which it observed the taxi driver who picked him up, touching his breasts without his consent, causing him to descend. “They lied to me and my wife. If the National Guard has to be brought in, have them. I have more information.”

Because of the inconsistencies, Debanhi’s father denounced the violation of his rights before the National Human Rights Commission and went to Nuevo León governor Samuel García to clarify the case.

Source: Exame

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