Want to master a new language and start with Greek? Do not worry! Try these great apps to learn Greek and communicate across borders on your iPhone.

To learn a new language It is one of the most satisfying activities you can do. English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and even Hellenic Here are some of the languages ​​you can master today.

In the last case, some very useful tools this can help you learning process. For example, apps for learning greek They are an excellent alternative to take your first steps in the language. Here are some of the best options you can try.

The best apps for learning Greek on iPhone

Want to master a new language and start with Greek? Try these great apps to learn Greek and communicate without borders on your iPhone

Apps to learn Greek from scratch on your iPhone

  • ‎Ling App – Language Lessons
  • Learn Greek – Mondly
  • ‎Rosetta Stone Learn Languages
  • ‎Duolingo
  • FunEasyLearn – Learn Languages
  • ‎LingQ | Learn 42 Languages
  • ‎Closed master
  • Drops: Language Learning App

When we want to learn modern languages, there are three basic things we need to understand: pronunciation, listening and grammar. Therefore apps for learning greek will focus on these points you will see later, in this way it will be possible learn faster and easier.

‎Ling App – Language Lessons

Ling App - Language Lessons

Ling App: Learn to speak Greek quickly and easily from your mobile phone

One of the best ways to learn is games and ‎Ling App – Language Lessons is an example of this. It is an application that you can learn as much. 60 different languages (including Greek), by mini games and techniques So funny.

Of course, games are not the only thing you will find in this application. there is also individual courses for every language and fluency level, i.e. beginner or advancedyou can always learn and improve your skills.

‎Learn Greek – Mondly

Mondly: A safe and easy alternative to learning Greek

Mondly: A safe and easy alternative to learning Greek

‎Learn Greek – Mondly is one best tools especially when learning a new language Hellenic. different from the others similar appsThe methodology is very simple: learn by speaking.

Yes, believe it or not, the app helps you basic conversations so you become familiar with words and phrases that you will automatically use later. To learn communicate in Greek from the hands of native speakers, measure your progress and get real-time feedback on your activities.

‎Rosetta Stone Learn Languages

‎Rosetta Stone: Learn to Speak Greek Confidently

‎Rosetta Stone: Learn to Speak Greek Confidently

‎Rosetta Stone Learn Languages is one most popular platforms worldwide to learn new languages. In this situation, mastering the Greek language It will be very simple thanks to the different lessons it has for you.

Learn the basics like greetings, questions and prayers to more advanced topics such as sports, politics or business, perfect your accent, pronunciation and much more. Of course, the app a three-day trial period, after which 3 or 12 month subscription.


Duolingo: free and effective

Duolingo: free and effective

no doubt one of them The world’s most popular language learning apps. Learn Greek while having endless fun with this cute little bird. At the same time very simple and intuitive to use

Duolingo to base teaching methodology in gamesvideos, music and exercises will help you increase grammar, reading and pronunciation to the next level. Best of all, you can learn while having fun, at your own pace and with local audio.

‎FunEasyLearn – Learn Languages

FunEasyLearn: Short, Fun Lessons to Fit Your Schedule

FunEasyLearn: Short, Fun Lessons to Fit Your Schedule

Another apps for learning greek This ‎EntertainmentEasyLearn. It is a tool that complete courses on different subjects, subtopics and different levels of complexity. Of course, all its content is based on daily life situations, so you will learn daily what is really spoken on the streets.

owner more than 34 courses where will you learn alphabet, reading rules, words More than 5000 phrases developed by and native language translators and professionals in the region. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options you can try.

‎LingQ | Learn 42 Languages

Find out what you need now with LingQ

Find out what you need now with LingQ

withLin Q you have access over a thousand hours of content Fully downloadable audio for you to learn a new language without limits. a playlist or select the courses you particularly want to study.

Search and save new words in its integrated dictionary, count how many words you know, which ones are new and which ones you have learned, manage your vocabulary and wears detailed record of your progress in practice. Perfect for students of all levels.

‎Closed master

Clozemaster: gamified learning

Clozemaster: gamified learning

‎Closed master a type of game where should you do complete the words missing thousands of sentences in the language you want. he is one apps for learning greek Intensive exposure to vocabulary in the methodology and context of gamified languages.

This the operation is very simple: Choose the missing word in the sentence and earn points for each correct answer. Also, it has many Additional functions These are worth knowing. if you want, your professional version gives you access to unique features that will help you further. learning process.

‎Drops: Language Learning App

Drops: essential vocabulary guaranteed

Drops: essential vocabulary guaranteed

‎Drops: Language Learning App is an application. colorful aesthetic and where you learn while having fun is stunning. has a list More than 2600 words chosen by professionals in the field and each beautifully illustrated, learning is 100% visual.

Only you need 5 minutes a day to make great progress. All audio content is recorded by native speakers so you learn to communicate as they do on a daily basis. he is one apps for learning greek you can’t stop trying.

With all these applications, learn greek there will be no problem. Have fun, explore, research and communicate from your mobile phone without limits and best of all, wherever and whenever you want.

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