Beeline reported that since the launch of Tariff UP, subscribers who have chosen Yung’s dragon as their upper (additional set of services) have downloaded 135 million GB of traffic. This is equivalent to 154 million hours of video.

On average, a user who has Upper Jung activated watches 24 hours of video per month. With it, they get unlimited video and extra GB of internet for free. More than half of the clients with the “Tariff UP” are using the package of services.

Tariff UP is a constructor where you can set the number of minutes, GB and SMS for yourself. Today they like 2.46 million people.

The essence of the tariff is calculated in applications. They add various bonuses to the basic rate. For example, by completing a task and collecting “cells” in Beeline applications, connections that chose Jung receive an additional 15 GB of Internet.


Source: Iphones RU

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