Logistics operator CDEK leased a large area in the new warehouse complex PNK Park MKAD-M4 in the south of the Moscow Region. This partnership will allow CDEK to shorten lead times and expand its business over the next 7-10 years. In view of the withdrawal from Russia of international delivery operators such as DHL and TNT, CDEK is actively expanding its logistics capabilities.

According to experts, the cost of rent in “PNK Park MKAD-M4” is estimated at 9500-9800 rubles per 1 square meter per year. In total, CDEK can pay from 840 million to 1.06 billion rubles annually for rent. Maybe the warehouse owner gave a discount for renting such a large area.

This is the second major agreement for the lease of CDEK space in warehouses in the Moscow region in 2023. The record belongs to Ozon, who agreed to build a 130,000 square meter logistics complex.

In addition, CDEK opened a new warehouse complex in Shanghai, China. This decision was taken in connection with the increased trade between Russia and China and the simplification of the purchase of goods by Russian companies from China. The company already has similar warehouses in Italy, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Source: Ferra

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