Our editorial team works from different parts of Russia and even the world, but from time to time we all need to get together to discuss joint tasks, plans and projects.

Taking all the tickets and going to the Moscow office to discuss work issues is, of course, absurd, so we decided to find a convenient video conferencing service (VKS).

We were looking for Russian equipment for video communication, in order to connect to the product once and then not suddenly lose connection, if suddenly foreign developers from outside are able to communicate.

found. Release of service for video conferencing SberJazz happened on time. It is suitable for both business and personal use and can be filled with an extensive set of class features.

Below we will dwell in more detail on the fact that this product can be due to the fact that SberJazz is not just an alternative, but a full-fledged replacement for the volume of the nearest group video call services.

When you need a function at hand

For convenience, I will display a website interface that works with the same smoothness and convenience as a native application.

In the public version of SberJazz, you can create a meeting and invite people without registration, authorization, identity verification, and – which is especially nice – for free. We open the message, select the desired item (create, connect) and communicate.

At the event, you can set up a video call through the gear mechanism, select the parameters of your sound and video: select the source, blur the lantern, replace it. Also, all these actions can be done right during the conference.


On a Mac, you can use your iPhone’s camera instead of your webcam. When both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, this possibility occurs in the case of video and sound (the same gear icon). Requires iOS 16, iPhone XR and later, and macOS 13 Ventura.

The “bar” has a number of useful options. Something to explain or show that this phenomenon is found everywhere. There is also a menu with five new emojis and a button “raise a hand”to take the floor.

Customization of your view is available for any tariff

The free plan includes most of the interactive features

Over the past time of testing the version, I did not find anything, SberJazz turned out to be one of the many available products, which from the very beginning can do everything – at the level of “no faults”.

It even comes to the point that there is even a smart noise reduction that helps to isolate your voice from the environment and extra sounds that can interfere with your call. For example, if a meeting flew to you at 9 am on Friday, you can connect from coffee and none of your colleagues heard how coffee was being brewed and other visitors were making noise.

We tested the public version and got to know all the cool features, but then we realized that for work communications we need additional features that are paid plans, double the number of meeting participants and allow the administrator to control their actions.

Paid version gives super rights

The free version of SberJazz allowed us to create video meetings with up to 100 participants, where everyone communicates freely without time limits. Paid expanded the group to 200 people so that we could assemble a large team, but we needed it not only for the sake of expanding the network.

Corporate tariffs have a very important advantage for working video calls – this is the administration and deep meeting management.

For example, a videoconferencing administrator controls who is given the floor, whose report is available, who can be added to the call, and who can be removed. You can set a password for the conference, use the waiting room, disable screen recording, and mute microphones.


There is also a paid license with support for the expected for many formats webinarswhere can connect up to 2000 observations and up to 100 speakers at the same time and separate them into different virtual spaces. This is useful for wrap-up meetings with parents, seminars and lectures, HR, events for customers and partners, conferences and many others.

Another cool feature of the corporate version is the text transcript of the dialogues. Everything that is said is transcribed on your computer, and it is possible for all applications to automatically save the text as a single file on their computer.

Such a function is simply an indispensable thing during interviews or business meetings, where it is important to keep minutes. Usually, when collecting and rewriting text, an incredibly long time takes place, so I put a bold plus here.

Another great feature of a volume license is the ability to embed the service in the company’s kitchen stove.

Speech transcription

For this command, the product has provided tools SDK And APIquickly integrate the service into your own applications, corporate messengers, employee portals and any other company systems.

Paid licenses can be transferred internally from one representative to another. Convenient for small organizations with a limited budget. Relatively speaking, for 8,000 rubles a year for offenders SberJazz Business you can get access to all the bonuses described above and not worry if you need to transfer an order to the government to an employee.

There is a separate tariff SberJazz Webinar, about what has already been said above. If interested, the price grid can be viewed on a separate website.

We decided to try it.

External conditions will not cut off access

As I said at the beginning of this article, we immediately gave priority in the search for a video communication service to a development from Russia in order to definitely stay in touch.

Relatively speaking, in the product we were looking for, the necessary elements for perspective‘a, that is, it has been done as much as possible so that the story with restrictions on other applications does not repeat itself, when everything abruptly stopped downloading, registration and the whole complex.

The work of SberJazz cannot be taken and blocked by another country. This completely Russian development with servers in Russia. BI.ZONE company.

Large companies can deploy the service in their own loop (locally). SberJazz is also included in the register of domestic software and supports security and operational issues. Of course, this is all important for big business.

Product as shown to be correct

Recording of our webinar

By the way, over the past month we have held six online meetings where useful life hacks were held and applied to your questions in a timely manner. For this, webinars from SberJazz were just used. So many of you also appreciated the consumption of this VKS.

Links to our online for those who missed:

👀 Watch the fourth webinar: how to check the number of battery cycles on iPhone

👀 Watch webinar 3: How to make your Mac boot faster

👀 Watch Webinar 2: How to Improve iPhone AutoCorrect

👀 Watch the first webinar: how to conveniently restart your iPhone

During our hangouts, there were no moments to discover “they’ve been found.”

No, on the contrary service ran smoothly. Raise hand functions, emoji reactions, fine-tuning of permissions and denials of video, audio and chat for participants, noise suppression, lamp replacement and full transcription of speech with ML algorithms are available and make communication even more productive and interesting.

By the way, it’s convenient that SberJazz works on any device and OS. Whether it’s a PC or Mac, iPhone, Android smartphone, Linux computer or Russian OS.

Summing up, I will say that SberJazz is really convenient. The call can be switched on the go from device to device, interface elements are placed where they are expected to appear, the administrator level differs only in the added buttons, and is not displayed on a disabled complex panel.

Prices develop from expectations and scale accordingly.

I remind you that there is flexibility: the license can be transferred within the organization if the budget of a small company does not allow purchasing packages for each employee.

We have already mastered the board, and so far our impressions are only positive.

Try it too.

Source: Iphones RU

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