Experts from Perm National Research Polytechnic University created a portable display based on addressable RGB LEDs. It is assumed that it can be used as a size or advertising display as well as for games. The development was presented at the All-Russian student scientific and technical conference “Automatic control systems and information technologies”.

Almost every display is based on LEDs, which are electronic components that can emit light. Thanks to them, you can create a large screen and even stick it on the facade of a small building. However, there is now a need for mini screens that can serve as dimensions on personal mobility aids or screens for displaying useful information.

The matrix display, developed by students of Perm Polytechnic University, is based on addressable (powered by a controller) RGB-LEDs – red, green and blue color emitters mounted in a single housing.

The screen is a “layer cake” of LED strip pieces glued in a zigzag pattern onto a multi-layered plastic that is then connected by wires. The maximum screen size is 60 x 60 centimeters or 1500 x 1500 LEDs. The pixels are created with a 3D-printed grid made of biodegradable plastic, covered with a light diffuser made of translucent polycarbonate treated with sandpaper.

A smaller version of the screen – 14 by 14 centimeters – can be carried with you: attach it to a backpack or scooter as beacons or a scoreboard to display text or images. Also on screen, Super Mario Bros. It may be suitable for games with simple graphics such as

Source: Ferra

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