It became known that highly professional specialists with Belarusian colleagues are developing a high-power combat laser, which is designed for many types of drones at a distance.

The program, which should take two years, found iseners from two research institutes in Russia, whose name was not disclosed, as well as the Belarusian “Lamt”. A 100-kilowatt “high-speed” laser at a distance of 100 kilometers is planned, and a four-wheeled vehicle prototype will be presented before the end of next year.

It should be noted here that the specialists of the Belarusian center “Lemt” have sufficient experience in evaluating combat laser installations, although previously they were engaged in very low power.

Russian combat laser Russian combat laser “Peresvet”

Primarily because of the foreign company with which I used the laser for the UAV in a 1.5 km parking lot and successfully tested in the Middle East. The presence of this complex, observed both in the observed and in the stationary versions, not only ensures the achievement of drones, but also their detection, identification and tracking.

To date, laser modules are being developed, including a number of countries, including the United States with Japan, as well as the Turks with Israel and China. For this costly installation, the owner of a mobile phone does not have a price of 50 thousand watts. active.

Source: Tech Cult

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