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New smart signal from DGT to protect cyclists


The General Directorate of Traffic is working on various proposals that will make driving on our roads much safer, but one of the most vulnerable groups are cyclists who continue to suffer from abuse despite various government initiatives.

And right now DGT is testing new smart signs in Castile-La Mancha This will alert drivers of nearby cyclists to slow down and be alert.

In particular, DGT has installed various intelligent traffic lights on the section of the CM-2105 highway, which runs between the capital Cuenca and Tragacete, which, as we have already said, warn of the presence of cyclists on the road.

It should be noted that SM-2105 is a road that is part of Safe Cycling Routes in Castile-La Mancha, by installing three such signals in three different places, specifically in the pk. 13 700 pcs. 21 800 and pack. 25,700, and which correspond to the start from Salto de Villalba de la Sierra to Ventano del Diablo and Ciudad Encantada, Cuenca news reports.

These new smart signs powered by solar battery and they are capable of detecting with a sensor the presence of cyclists or even a group of them. The three illuminated indicators surrounding the signal will then be activated and flash for a certain amount of time so that moving vehicles can be aware of the presence of nearby cyclists on the road.

However, on the smart signal itself, you can read “next cyclist on” as well as the corresponding traffic light and the three signals mentioned.

It should be noted that there are two other sections in the province of Cuenca where these safe cycling routes are established, namely on the CM-2105 itself until reaching Villalba de la Sierra and on the N-320 (Cuenca-Guadalajara). .

Source: Computer Hoy

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