In 2023, 74% of small Russian companies will increase the cost of their employees’ salaries, a joint study by the Russian School of Management and the financial accounting service PlatFact has shown.

Three-quarters of small businesses increase payroll spending by 2023: survey

According to the survey, 74.1% increased spending on salaries and bonuses, 16% kept spending at the same level, and 9.9% reduced labor costs.

Causes of dynamics

More than half of the companies (58%) attribute the increase in expenses to an increase in the level of salaries, 24.6% – to an increase in the number of employees.

13% of those surveyed speak of cost reduction due to staff reduction and 4.3% due to lower wages.

How the costs of non-material motivation have changed

Most companies have maintained or increased the cost of non-material motivation of the workforce: health insurance, corporate events, employee training, etc. However, more than a quarter of small businesses have decided to abandon some bonuses:

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  • 55.6% – expenses remained at the same level
  • 14.8% – increase in expenses
  • 29.6% – Decrease in expenses

According to the director of the Russian School of Management, Anastasia Borovskaya, during the crisis, employers sacrifice mainly non-material motivation measures for employees. However, most respondents did not reduce these costs, indicating the high responsibility of small businesses as an employer.

More than 700 small business representatives participated in the survey.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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