Researchers from the Photonics and Optical Information Processing Laboratory of the Laser and Plasma Technologies Institute of the MEPhI National University of Nuclear Research have developed an optical system that can rapidly recognize images. The scientists describe their development in the journal Optics and Lasers in Engineering.

Today, optical image recognition systems are widely used for automatic medical diagnosis, biometric and holographic access, face search and near real-time recording.

The system, made up of NRNU MEPhI experts, uses micromirror space-time light modulators, which are devices made up of millions of micromirrors powered by a flux of light. The use of such a system makes it possible to at least double the computational speed – the input speed of megapixel images is tens of thousands of frames per second.

One of its developers, Pavel Cheremkhin, states that the new system will find its application in high-speed optical object identification systems, holographic data storage systems, and compact optical-digital systems for encoding video streams in real time.

Source: Ferra

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