It doesn’t matter how many new series are released and how successful they are. There is one that is still the queen of something very specific: illegal downloads. And no matter how many years have passed and no matter how many critics she has, one still ranks first in piracy. of course Game of Thrones.

According to the Piracy Report, even three years after it ended – reviews of quality aside – the HBO Max series based on R.R. Martin’s books remains #1 in terms of illegal downloads. usswitch. With 8650 searches, this is the most pirated TV content to date. And the fact is that the appearance of one of the prequels of the series was focused on the origin of the Targaryens. Dragon House, next August 21, revived the flame of the series’ followers. And also one of spin off which have been announced. One of them with the participation of Kit Harington himself, Jon Snow.

At all, Game of Thrones not the only one in illegal downloads. In fact, the HBO Max series have been the biggest victims of this practice. In second place, just behind the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, is another critical and viewer success for the streaming channel. euphoria, starring Zendaya, is second on the list. The award-winning series and this year’s Emmy Award nominee for Best Actress has garnered nearly 8,000 downloads this year.

Follow him friendyes, also in hbo max, with 5000 illegal downloads. The following positions have already been distributed across the rest of the available platforms. Family manon Disney+ and Attack on Titan – the hit of the season – is available on Prime Video and already promises a sequel next year. No platform is free from piracy. netflix with Peaky Blinders or Elite. Disney+ with his eternal Grey’s Anatomy or Apple TV+ with award-winning Ted Lasso they complete the circle.

230 billion views of pirated content in illegal downloads. This is a frightening figure left by the report usswitchincluding movies, video games and software.

Who said streaming would end piracy? The truth is that a large number of platforms offered, their price increases, as well as major content changes that move from one platform to another depending on licenses, have once again turned the toast of online piracy on its head. It is difficult to cover all platforms, which, in addition, expect the emergence of new competitors in the coming months. In fact, Paramount plans to land in Spain soon; which will add another competitor in the streaming sector.

There are many who are wondering how much the world of streaming will be able to withstand the pressure of the public. Netflix, the queen of platforms and a pioneer of many uses and forms of the modern entertainment business, is starting to feel a paradigm shift. With a drop in the quality of its content and a massive increase in prices, the number of users has declined for the first time in its history. But one thing is clear: even if users disappear, they won’t stop watching the show they quit halfway through. And that leads to piracy and illegal downloads.

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