Kaspersky Lab has provided instructions that allow you to check your iPhone for the presence of the Triangulation virus.

It is created via iMessage and transmits environment data to the attendance server.

You can only determine the presence of a virus in an iPhone backup. It can be created via Finder, iTunes or idevicebackup2. It is better to immediately create an unencrypted backup so as not to waste time decrypting the backup.

For further work, you need to install Python 3 and the Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) utility.

▪️ On Mac MVT via terminal and command pip3 install mvt

▪️ In Windows, MVT is created through the Command Line and the command pip3 install mvt

After installing MVT, you need to process the iOS fallback. To do this, you need to write the command:

mvt-ios check-backup -o $mvt_output_directory $decrypted_backup_directory

Several JSON and CSV files appeared in the mvt_output_directory folder. We are interested in timeline.csv.

How Virus Triangulation Properties

1. Open the timeline.csv file in TextEdit or Notepad

2. Use the document search (CMD ⌘ + F) to find the process of the entry Backup agent

3. celebration of everything, mention Backup agent preceded by lines mentioning the process IMTransferAgentwhich is responsible for downloading attachments (in a serial case, with an exploit)

2022-09-13 10:04:11.890351Z Datausage IMTransferAgent/com.apple.datausage.messages (Bundle ID: com.apple.datausage.messages, ID: 127) WIFI IN: 0.0, WIFI OUT: 0.0 - WWAN IN: 76281896.0, WWAN OUT: 100956502.0
2022-09-13 10:04:54.000000Z Manifest Library/SMS/Attachments/65/05 - MediaDomain
2022-09-13 10:05:14.744570Z Datausage BackupAgent (Bundle ID: , ID: 710) WIFI IN: 0.0, WIFI OUT: 0.0 - WWAN IN: 734459.0, WWAN OUT: 287912.0

4. Also next to the six-digit data there will be information about changes in catalogs Library/SMS/Attachments

If you have read the data, then your iPhone may be hacked. In such cases, it is better to notify Kaspersky Lab at [email protected]which is studying this virus.

Source: Iphones RU

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