Since OpenAI launched its official implementation with ChatGPT at the end of 2022, Artificial Intelligence has proven to be one of the greatest tools of the future. Nowadays, it is common to find artificial intelligence on different websites. It is used in customer service platforms, design, programming and even robotics.

The prediction system shows that this technology can be applied in different fields; one of them is business, because natural language can even help you prepare a resume.

Creating this type of documentation can sometimes be a mammoth task if you consider that it is part of a sale, an advertisement telling who you are and what your skills are. Convincing the potential employer why this could be a significant asset to the company The organization or project you are applying for.

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If you are looking for a job or want to update your CV, these recommendations for using artificial intelligence in terms of organization and development of your professional profile can be very helpful.

In the vast world of the Internet there are hundreds of alternatives to have a guide or model in the execution of this document; among them, ‘Kickresume’, a platform tasked with developing a professional profile from scratch. It is based on information provided by the person in a personalized way.

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According to its official page, this ‘application’ can create a document for the following reasons: to a synchronized online process under GPT-4 support created by OpenAI. To do this, just follow these steps:

Likewise, this free option also allows you to just write bullet points in your work experience section.You can import your existing resume in various ways, from a database or your LinkedIn account.



Source: Exame

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