Alibaba Group has started integrating Tongyi Qianwen, its own ChatGPT counterpart, into its apps. The neural network will be added to the DingTalk messenger and Tingwu meeting service. Alibaba’s solution can analyze multimedia content and generate text from video and audio files.

Alibaba started to integrate its own analogue of ChatGPT into its applications

Alibaba has begun integrating the neural network into its DingTalk Tingwu messaging and meeting service. Write about it Bloomberg.

Alibaba’s equivalent of ChatGPT is called Tongyi Qianwen. This solution can analyze multimedia content and create a text description from video and audio files.

By the end of 2023, Alibaba will upgrade Tongyi Qianwen and train her to translate content from English to Chinese in real time. The features will be available as a plugin for Google Chrome.

Alibaba Group introduced the Tongyi Qianwen language model in April. It was reported that the AI ​​model will help in ordinary cases, for example, writing an email or meeting summary.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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